CBSE Affiliation

CBSE Norms Of Affiliations



KV No2 Patiala :School No : 04577

Affiliation No :1600022


Essential Conditions

  1. School must have format prior recognition and No Objection Certificate of the State/UT Government.
  2. The School should run by a Registered Society /trust/Section 25 Company having non proprietary character.
  3. School should have about 02 acres (or as otherwise permitted measurement) of land and building construction on a part of land and proper playground on the remaining land.
  4. The School should have well qualified staff as per whole time employees. The pupil teacher ratio should not exceed 30.1 and section teacher ration must be 1.1.5.
  5. The school must pay salary and admissible allowances to the staff not less than the corresponding categories of employees in the State government schools or as per pay scale etc, prescribed by the Government of the India.



  1. The institution should have facilities commensurate with its requirements
  2. It should satisfy the minimum condition laid for school building class rooms etc. The minimum floor space should be at least 1 sq mtr per student.
  3. The number of students in the class should not be very large. The optimum number in a section of a class is 40.
  4. The library should be well equipped and spacious. It should have at least 05 books(other than text books) per students in its stock subject to minimum of 50 at the beginning.
  5. The school should subscribe number of newspaper and magazines suitable for students and there should be at least 15 magazine at the beginning.
  6. Class room minimum size should be 8mX6m(Approx 500sq. ft)
  7. Science Labs. (Composite for secondary or separate Physic/Chemistry and Bio Labs for secondary) minimum size should be 9m X 6m each (approx 600sq. ft.) and fully equipped .
  8. Library minimum size should be 14X8m fully equipped and reading room facility.
  9. computer lab and Math lab-No minimum size is prescribed , however the school should have separate provision for each. The computer lab should have 10 computer or computer students ratio of 1:20.
  10. Rooms for extra curricular activities- either separate rooms for music , dance , arts and sports or one multipurpose hall for all these activities should be available.


Admission and fees

  1. Admission in the school to the CBSE shall be made without any distinction of religion , race , caste , creed lace of birth or any of them. As regard reservation of SC/ST students is concerned . It shall be governed by the Education Act/Rules applicable to the State/UT, where the school is situated.
  2. Fees charges should be commensurate with the facilities provided by the institution. Fees should normally be charged under the head prescribed by the Department of Education of the gaining admission in the school or any other purpose should be charged / collected in the name of school. In case of such malpractices , the Board nay take drastic action leading to disaffiliation of school

The unaided school should consult through parentsrepresentative before revising the fees. The fee should not be revised duringthe mid-session. In case the student leaves the school for such compulsion astransfer of parents or for health reason or in case of death of the studentsbefore completion of the session ,prorate return of quarterly/ term/ annual fees should be made.


Staff and ServiceCondition

  1. Beside the minimum requirement fir salaries as laid down in section 3(3), the school should have adequate teaching staff possessing the necessary qualification laid down in section3(3), the school should have adequate teaching staff possessing the necessary qualification laid down for various post/ subject teachers by the Board. The Pupil teachers ratio should not exceed 30. Also there must be 1 1/2 teacher per section to teach various subject
  2. Every school should take steps to provide reorientation to all its teaching staff , at least once in five years. Such orientation may be organized by the school itself or in collaboration with the others schools or state or regional institutions or by the Board or our national agency.
  3. The Management of the schools shall not retain the original degree/diplomas certificates of the teachers and other employees of the school with them. The original certificates, etc. taken for verification shall be returned at the earliest after verification . Photostat copies may be obtained from the employees and kept in their personal files.
  4. Check gender specific violence, strictly comply with the guide lines and norms prescribed by the Honble supreme court of India in the writ petition (criminal) no. 666-70 of 1992 vishakha and other V/s state Rajasthan and others delivered on 13L 8L 1997 for protection of women from sexual harassment at the work pace.


Management ofPrivate Unaided Schools


1. In case of schools belonging to category 3(1)(v) thereshould be a property constipated registered Society/trust/.it should

Of the society/trust should be as laid down under section19(1) and (2).

2. Formation of the society /trust/should also conform tothe state Government rules in which school is located.

3. The schools other than the government schools affiliatedwith the board shall have I school managing committee which shall have thepowers to the supervise activities of the schools for its smooth functioning.


Financial Resources

1. The school must have sufficient financial resourceguarantee its continued existence. It should have permanent source of income tobe meet the running expenses of the schools so as to maintain it at areasonable standard of efficiency to pay salaries to teachers and othercategories of staff regularly at least at per with the corresponding categoriesin the state government schools and to undertake improvement/development of theschool facilities. In case of institution which is in the receipt ofgrant-in-aid from the state government/U.T the permanent source of income shallinclude the amount grant-in-aid also.


2. No part of income from the institution shall be divertedto any individual in the Trust/Society/School. Management committee or to anyother person. The savings if any after meeting the recurring an non-recurringexpenditure and contributions to developmental, and depreciation andcontingency funds may be further utilized for promoting the school. Theaccounts should be audited and certified by a Chartered Accountant and properaccounts statements should be prepared as per rules. A copy each of thestatements of Account should be sent to the Board every year.



3. The channeling of funds by the managements to person (s)or enterprise other than for furthering education in the school will contravenethe rules governing affiliation and call for appropriate action by theBoard.